Everything... and More.
CityStar redefines the shopping experience for families across Kuwait by offering one stop shopping Mega Stores with quality goods at reasonable prices.

CityStar values life, people and goods and is committed to its customers.
We provide middle-class families with good quality products for reasonable, competitive prices. We offer a growing variety of brands and products that continue to grow and to fit the needs of our customers.
Further, we promise a unique and enjoyable experience in every store. Friendly employees are always up-to-date on the variety of in-store brands to ensure that each customer gets exactly what they want.
We are dedicated to the communities where we are located. By offering reasonable pricing on a mass variety of goods, we reduce family cost of living amidst the rising infaltion rates, providing a more comfortable consumer lifestyle.

Mission & Vision
A Unique Shopping Experience
CityStar continues to succeed in its original mission of providing high-quality goods at competitive prices without compromising customer experience. We are committed to providing quality brands at reasonable prices and we continue to provide customers with an ever-growing variety of goods.

Dedicated to the customer experience, CityStar ensures that our store employees are knowledgeable in all products and brands and have been thoroughly trained in customer service.

The convenience of you and your families are our highest priority.

CityStar has created a leading brand name in the retail industry. A well-recognized name across Kuwait, CityStar looks forward to becoming a household name across the Middle East and a key international player in the industry.

With a focus on rapidly growing markets and economies across Kuwait, CityStar continues to prioritize its customers and expand to cater to growing middle-class families. Currently, plans are set to open 2 additional Mega Stores in Kuwait by 2017.

CityStar also hopes to open the first ever mega-store in Lebanon and expand across the country for greater exposure and to cater for the needs of the Lebanese consumers.